Native people of Alaska

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Native people of Alaska

Post  sarah on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:04 am

There are two major groups of Indians—the Indians of the Interior Plateau and the Indians of Southeaster Alaska.

The Indians who live in the interior came to Alaska from Canada. Originally they were hunters. Some of them still live by hunting, fishing, and trapping. Others have moved to towns, where they live and work as do other present-day Alaskans.

The Indians of Southeastern Alaska are sometimes known as the maritime Indians, or Indians who live near the sea. They have been in Alaska for hundreds of years. Carving and basket making are among the crafts of the maritime Indians. They are known for their totem poles. From earliest times they depended on fish, especially salmon, for their living. Today they are efficient business people who operate commercial fishing boats and canneries. They also

follow other occupations such as logging, shopkeeping, and working in government offices.

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