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spend Christmas

Post  sarah on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:07 am

People tend to spend Christmas with your closest relatives, and the most
important point of Christmas is Christmas Eve supper. And the whole family just
gathers around the table, and there are twelve traditional dishes on the table, and
you are supposed to taste them all, because if you don't try any of them you may
face some misfortune in the following year. Well, before everybody sits down to eat
the supper, we Just break wafers with each other, wishing each other good luck.
When the supper is over, the ehildren go to the other room, where the big Christmas
tree stands, and they find some Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. And
after the supper, the whole family just sit around the table singing Christmas carols,
and waiting for midnight, when they go to church.


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