Building castles in the air

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Building castles in the air

Post  sarah on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:07 am

Building castles in the air has been a custom in the Spanish region of Catalunya
for 200 years -- human castles. There are now about 10000 members of 58 clubs,
and the sport has been booming since it began to be televised several years ago. The
idea is to raise a human tower as high as possible in a town square, then dismount it
without it collapsing. Back in 1852 the first nine-level castle was raised. Many clubs
have equaled that record, but none had managed a 10 until Nov. 15, 1998, when a club
from the town Vilafranca did the impossible. The top person -- usually a small boy
or girl -- raised one ann to show the tower was complete. Then it collapsed. A week
later, this group in Terrassa raised and lowered a tower of 10 levels. Castles require
strength, agility, patience and as many as 700 people, most of them in the base are
ready to catch those who fall.

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