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About Myself

Post  debbiezjc on Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:23 pm

It's my pleasure to introduce myself here Smile I'm Debbie Zheng, and my Chinese name is Zheng Jiachun. I'm 22 years old now and it seems that I'm not young any more when compare with other students in Shaoguan University. But luckily, I have a baby face, and sometimes people make a mistake about my age, which is younger than what I am. Also, Sometimes it is a trouble to me because I feel sad to realize that I look like a high school student in others' eyes affraid
 About my hometown, it is a sea town called Shantou City (You can also call it Swatow), which is near the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. Shantou is a special City belong to Chaoshan area. We have our characteristic language, special culture and local delicacy.
 When you ask my work experience, it is quite hard for me to explain. I have gathered some experience but it is a little messy. Actually I haven't worked in a company, or even don't have a part-time job. In my view, study and gather more knowledge is the most important thing. And in my spare time, such as my vacation, I have to help my family to deal with their business and work as an export saler, of course, without payment. That is where I gather my experience. However, I don't want to go in that post in the future. My dream job is AD designer and I am preparing for it.
 Fighting, Debbie! sunny

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Re: About Myself

Post  Alex on Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:24 am

Hi Debbie!

Even though you haven't worked in an outside company, I think working in a family business can sometimes be more advantageious as you are often more involved in different areas of the business and see the full cycle of the business.

You mention you are preparing for Ad Design. That sounds like a fascinating industry to get into. What preparations have you made?

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