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Jam Ye class5A

Post  Jam Ye on Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:03 am

Hi, I'm Jam. I'm nearly 22 years old. And my hometown is in Guangzhou.
The first time I communicated to a foreigner when I was 9 . It's also the time when I started to learn English.In one afternoon,  I was walking to school and I met a foreigner who was a lady. I forgot who started the  conversation. Our conversation just like the text book. ''hi'' ''hi, how are you'' '' fine, thanks , and you'' ''i'm fine ,thank you.'' And she said something that I can't understand at that time . So we both smiled and walk away.
After I graduate , i'll find a job. I hope I can join a company and find out what i can do and what i can do best . after that , maybe i'll change my job. When I get  enough money and social experience such as  how to run a company , how to deal with the finance, I'll start my own business . Open a restuarant, coffee shop or flower shop.
The plan of my life , I think I'll work for someone for many years. After I get enough money and experience , I start my own business. In the meanwhile,I'll enjoy my life and travel everywhere.
Jam Ye

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Re: Jam Ye class5A

Post  Alex on Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:58 am

Hi Jam,

I like your entrepreneurial spirit. I have always had a dream to have my own business. But I always find a reason why the time isn't right pale

I would love to open a cafe / bar in China but I think that is pretty distance dream at the moment Very Happy

I remember the first time I said something in Chinese. It was at a Chinese restaurant in Australia and I told the waitress "Ni hao". She was excited until she realized that was the only Chinese phrase I knew at the time. Very Happy

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