Asterina from class5A

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Asterina from class5A

Post  asterinaMei on Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:58 am

Hi, I'm Asterina, an active girl from guangzhou, tianhe. My hometown tianhe is a very beautiful and modern city where you can buy anything and eat anything you want. So, I don't want to leave my hometown and I want to find a job in guangzhou in the future. I traveled for several times. I still remember my first communication in foreign country with a Korean. When I asked her for help to go to the destination, she answered me in good English with a beautiful smile. At that time, she is so charming in my heart. I had an interasting journey to Malaysia because my sister and I planed this trip for a long time. This is a trip we planed and traveled without tour guide. I first try the deep diving in Malaysia. This experience is fancy and I love the ocean and everything on it. During that time, we made friends with others especial a nice boy, who is a foreign citizen of Chinese origin.

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