Carrie zhong 5B self-introduction

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Carrie zhong 5B self-introduction

Post  Carrie Zhong 5B on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:08 am

hi,  my name is Zhong jiayin, or Carrie in English. well... actually Shaoguan is a good place for its environment, though many people don't like it. As for  its my birthplace, i really like everything in Shaoguan. And sincerely hoping that you can enjoy your time in SG. ah, speaking of working experience, i do have some part-time job, like shopping guide, saleswoman,tutor,and teacher in training school. But i still have some puzzled for my future career, its really hard for a people to find out his interest and do the things he likes. And i still looking for and i'm sure that when i experience more i will have a clearer picture of my future. good day Very Happy
Carrie Zhong 5B

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