The introduction from rose

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The introduction from rose

Post  roselovelavender on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:26 am

Hellow, ALex, my name is rose .I am from class B and have already had your two class this week.As I introduced myself in the classroom ,my hometown is zhongshan,mybe you have great impression on my words.Zhongshan is a beautiful city with nice people. And my family is located in the south of Zhongshan.I Had a fun summer vocation this year. I went to shcool as early as 17th in september because I want to travel with my girlfriend in Guangzhou. As what we palned, we rode a bicycle to travel around the Dafushan mountain and had a good day there.As for my preference job in the future,I don't want to be a teacher in the futuer because the job is so boring and tedious .I want to work in the company to be a mechandiser or negotiator.I want to live in a enhusiastic and active life.That is my hoping job .That's all.Believing ,Rose is forever.

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