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Lulu Lu Class 5A

Post  Lulu Lu on Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:37 am

Hi, Lulu Lu, I am embarrassed by this name. I never thought that some day teacher will ask us to call ourselves in forms of this kind. Maybe someday I need to choose another English name.
I’m twenty-two years old and from Panyu Guangzhou.
This summer holiday I work in a jewelry shop in Guangzhou jewelry trade market. I was the shop assistant of that shop. But as the company was lack of workers, I worked in the shop alone most of the time. Everyday I open the shop and clean it when waiting businessmen or businesswomen from overseas. They would come in the shop and look at our shop’s goods and most of them asked me the material of the goods and the price. Some may ask me about how many pieces he need to order if he wanted to place an order. Something like that. During 44 days I work in the shop. I don’t think I like that kind of job. I prefer working with a few people than working alone in some way, so I‘d like to find a job like office assistant or job that will work in a team. There is another thing, during the job I learned that the spoken English from businessmen from other countries is hard to understand, I think we should try to adapt some spoken English that with accent.
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