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Post  Vanessa Yang on Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:17 am

Smile Hello,Alex.

My name is Vanessa Yang.I come from Huadu District,which is a beautiful place in Guanzhou.I think I am much younger than you,cause I am
21 years old,lol.

In fact,I am always afraid of talking with foreigners, it makes me nervous.But in this summer holiday I went to Saipan with my parents,I met some foreigners,my parents encourged me to talk to those guys.Afte a few days, I feel better to talk to strangers.It was a wonderful journey for me.

As for the career aspiration,actually,I haven't any ideas,my family wants me to be a teacher,but I don't really want to.Staying in the office is a little boring,right?

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