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Party Zhou from class 5A

Post  Party Zhou on Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:55 am

Hi! I am Party Zhou from Conghua, a small city full of warm atmosphere.
Recently, I am having internship in China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group(CMGE) in Guangzhou as a business assistant. Though I am not interested in mobile games, but the job descriptions appealled to me and I got the internship luckily. My job responsibilities are to translate different kinds of paperwork about mobile games, like market overview, evaluation and foreign games. At first, I did learn many terms about games and improve my translation skills. But after a few weeks, I found the paperwork boring. All day I have to do is to look at the screen and translate the same kind of material, which is less energetic and tiring. I always want to finish the work efficiently, but people in a big company are not so positive or high efficient. Once you have done your job, you have to wait for the request and the result and time flips away.
Sometimes I think may be teacher suit me better. It is stable and have more time and space. However, being a teacher is not so easy. The posts for teachers are too few in my hometown.
Then I think about foreign trade business. it may be hard to start and always work around time. But it can enable me better life quality. Until I rented an apartment did I know how small my pay was. The rental was a big burden to me if I want to live in a place with better environment. Simply put, I am joining a business which is have no appeal to me but I don't want to quit before I learn something useful. So to speak, I am trying to find out my own way.
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