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I'm Vicky Guan in 11Class5A. Because I 'm the NO.1 in class, I never have enough time to prepare my self-introduction. Mad
I'm a local, but I don't think I know Shaoguan very well. Because it's a broad city.I just know the popular streets and places.Although Shaoguan is not the most flourishing city in Guangdong province, I still love this city very much.For the kind people and the beautiful riverbank.
Cooking is one of my hobby. I feel happy when I cook. During the summer vacation, I cook for my mom. She felt happy too.So I think cooking is a skill which can make people happy.
In my last summer vacation, I spent a lot of time to help my friend start his own business in Shaoguan. His company sells the air filter, oil filter, cabin filter and Brake Pad. When the garage call us, I must pick up the phone quickly and say "May I help you ?",and then mark the goods they want and tell the deliveryman and he will sent the products to the garage. It sounds easy, actually I need to remember nearly all the brand of cars. All things are difficult before they are easy.
Actually I don't know what kind of job I really wanna do in the future. Because life is so amazing and I want to try different kind of jobs and to know more wonderful person.Maybe at last, I will find out which position is suit me best.
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