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Whatsupppp!? Alex Very Happy
I am Shirley NO.1 from class 5B. My last name is Hou. My hometown is Foshan and I live in Nanhai district. And I am 21 years old for now. What a Face
I barely have work experience. But the most impressive work experience should be the ones when I took part in the Summer Work and Travel program of going to America. It was last summer actually. I worked as a housekeeper for like six weeks in Mackinaw City,Michigan which is quite near Lake Huron (I guessed pronounce HURON wrongly last time). And I found a job in mid-town Manhanttan NYC as a waitress and worked in there for a month. What a treasure experience. I miss it so much. Hopefully one day I can make it to be back these lovely places. Smile
As for my career aspiration, I should say... I dont know what exactly I am gonna to do in the future. But it must have something to do with business. And I am gonna to pursue the master's degree of marketing in Australia for sure. I really like Melbourne for no reason, maybe because it is the cultural centre of Australia and i love Austrailia-open so much(btw I am a big fan of Rafeal Nadal and Roger Federer). But from my parents' perspectives, Sydney U has higher academic ranking in the world. And they always said:" come on. It's Sydney U. No one literally knows how and where is Monash U." So I am gonna to choose in the next few months. What is your suggestion!?
That is it.
Thank you Alex. You classes are fun and impressive. Cool
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