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Fairy Chen Class5A

Post  Fairy Chen on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:44 am

Hello,everyone Smile I'm Fairy Chen. I'm 20 years old. I'm from Jiangmen. I have big eyes, small mouth and a lovely face which is looked like a child. After gratuating from high school, I worked for a famous hotal for 2 months at my hometwn. During that time, I learned how to service people and how to manage a hotal. When I entered into Shaoguan University, I enjoyed teachering so much so that I found a parttime job to be a tutor. To influent my life deepestly was my yoga experience. With the goal keeping fit, I joined the yoga asociation. After one-year hard pratice, I became a coach luckily. I knew deeply that yaga is more about keeing fit. It helped me how to relax, how to love myself, how to feel my breath-in and breath-out. Since then, I determined to open a yaga houseand be a yaga teacher in the future to teacher more people how to practice and train.
Before knowing Alex, I haven't talked to any foriegners. He was my first foreign teacher who is so nice. I recalled that in his class he always said throw out of the window. Every time he said, I was bound to laugh. I love his class so much. bounce flower
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