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Introduce myself

Post  11106011032 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:27 pm

My name is Crystal. I am in Class 5.I was born in Guangzhou.Guangzhou is a beautiful place.There are many places of interest in Guangzhou.I was born on September,26th.I am a girl.I like traveling,reading and English.In the following,I will introduce myself in 2 aspects.
Firstly,It’s about my character. In my opinion, I’m a nice person. I would like to help others if i can. And I will try my best as possible. I think friends are very important in my life. Therefore , i think highly to my friends. Then, sometimes, we will get together to have a party. What’s more, I hope I can do everything in a perfect way. So , every time i finish my work, I will check the work many times.
Secondly, it’s about my dream. When I was ten years old, I hope I can become a doctor. Doctor is a great job. He can help sick people become healthy again. He is selfless because he has to work for hours in a surgery. Sometimes they may work for more than 24hours. But when I was 20 years,my dream changed. I wanna become an interpreter. This is an attractive job for me because it can make me know more people, travel more places and taste more delicious food.

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