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Post  Rainbow Deng on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:12 am

Hello,everyone, i'm Rainbow Deng, I am 21 years old now. My hometown is in Guangzhou LiWan district. Now, I am studying in Shaoguan University. You know what, when I was a freshman, I did't like this school, it was far away from my home, the economy was under-developed. There was huge differences between Shaoguan and Guangzhou. My friends in Guangzhou always asked me which university i was studying, I told them I was studying in Shaoguan University. They felt strange and confused why I choose this school.
As times went by, I gradually love this school. i take part in many activities organized by our class or school, and join the basketball team in our institute. I like playing basketball, i feel happy and relax when i am in then basketball team. Our team members are kind and humorous, it feel like i am in a family.
My dream is to open a restaurant. But i know open a restaurant is not an easy thing. There are many things you need to prepare and learn. I will give myself ten years to raise the capital and learn related knowledge. Dream is not a dream.
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