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Self Introduction

Post  Alfred Chui on Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:29 am

I'm Alfred Chui, 22 years old, from Guangzhou, Tianhe District. I'm a boy seems to be shy, but everyone knows me well they may think I'm a crazy guy who is never thought to be shy. The last summer vacation, also the final one,yep ,I give up finding any part-time jobs but enjoy my last free time. Hanging out with my friend and just go to somewhere had been discovered by me in Guangzhou. Although I didn't go that far such as other provinces or oversea, that did make me feel good, just settling down and chatting with my friends. For the approaching, confusing future, I want to think out something to help, but I can't. Whatever, firstly I should find a job, I hope it is better related to foreign trade or logistics, but it doesn't matter a lot. Finding a job to do, and discovering what I really want, that is the thought now.
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