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Self introduction

Post  Grace Xu on Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:02 am

My name is Grace Xu, a 22-year old lovely girl from Shenzhen.
I don't really remember the first time that I communicated with foreigners, but I remember the longest one. It happened in the last summer vacation of my high school year when the son of my grandma's brother suddenly came to visit us. Because my grandma's brother had moved to USA at his very early age, the younger generation could not speak Chinese at all. Then he asked me to do him a favor, helping him do shopping in Huaqiangbei, a commercial area that selling electronic appliances. Thus I spent one day with a foreigner who couldn't even spoken a Chinese word, but we got along quite well. When I didn't understand him, he was patient and tried different ways to make me clear.
In the future, I'm not very sure about what I'm going to do. Things always change and I think the best way to deal with unexpected changes is that you are good enough to fit in any situation. So I will continue improving my skills like my language skill and the skill about how to deal with people.
Concerning graduation, once I thought it was so so far away that I didn't need to worry it at all. But when the big time comes closer and closer, I started to realize that it's time to face the reality, equipping myself with good ability to meet the challenges. And I feel quite ready, though a little uneasy, I think everyone has this kind of moment.
Grace Xu

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