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Post  Summer Xia on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:19 am

I am a grade 4 student aged 22nd. What a pleasure! I have only 2 courses which are absolutely my favourites. All the courses that I did not like have left me alone. Most of my time is spent by myself. This is real college life. bounce A brilliant future is in my hand.
My hobbies are making friends and buying clothes. I have taken about 6 kinds of part-time jobs so far. The work experience have perfected my personality and improved my ability to cope with problems.
I was an outgoing and hardworking girl during high school. However, I lost my confidence in my college campus because of my poor spoken English. As a result, I had little interest in studying English No and lived a boring life for a period.
But everything is nothing. At present, I am diligent and attractive. I have made a great plan about my job and life with details. I have get several useful professional certificates this year. I will learn to play the uklele soon. Next year I will go to the USA to be an intership. In addition, what really lightens me is that my friends and my boyfriend has come back to me.
My classmates and my teachers are all lovely. I like you guys so much. I will appreciate if you could help me with my English. Very Happy
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