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Self Introduction

Post  Abby Zhang on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:20 am

My name is Abby, a normal girl of 22 years old,though people always very surprised when they have my age.
Mention the interest, i have to admit i have different interests at different time.recently i have reading as my interest,read some book of motivational and write down my thoughts.i have never like reading in the past, and do no sports, I'm changing now,changing for the better.
When it comes to my ideal career, I do not have a exact answer now, i'm very confused now, I can't find the thing I like, but recently I get to know some travel, not that normal kind of travel ,what I mean here is you work for the hotel and they will give you many time to go out. I love freedom, I don't think working day after day at the same office and do the same work,probably boring work is my choice.May be i will choose this way going out and see the world. however, I have my family to concern, leaving my mom alone is make me sad.
Abby Zhang

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