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Tracy Tsang From Class5B

Post  Tracy Tsang on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:15 pm

Hi, I am Tracy Tsang, glad to meet you.
I’m from Shunde Daliang, surprised to know that your friend bought a department in my hometown, especially quite near my home. So if you come to visit your friend, I am willing to show you around. You know that? Shunde is famous for its food, every town in Shunde has its local flavors, so it’s a good place to create foodie just like me. Anyway, happy to be given another name—Miss Daliang Razz
My first job was being a waitress in a hotel when I was 18. During the last summer vacation, I worked as an assistant in a calligraphy training course and I quite enjoyed this job lol!
As for my career aspiration, I wanna work at TVB (a famous HongKong TV station)as a TV producer, because I like watching TV series from TVB and I am interested in working behind the scene such as writing creative or interesting play, looking for the suitable actors or actresses to act in my play and so on. But that’s just a dream. Maybe I will work at a foreign company and after following years, I will be a shopkeeper.
Finally, your class is carefree and energetic bounce
Tracy Tsang

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