Angel YU's Introduction

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Angel YU's Introduction

Post  angel_yu on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:24 pm

Hi Alex,
well, i bet i must have left a really indelible impression on you, right? Late to your first class, called off the classmates' name on the list for you,and thanks to your help, i got my first lovely nickname--Angel Fish.Razz btw,i love it.
okay,let's get down to the business.Firstly let me give a brief introduction about mself.My name is Yu Liping, aged 21. I live in Shaoguan, not the center but the rural area.I got so many work experiment, and as i said in the class, mostly were working as a salesperson.Of course, i also got some part time jobs in school, being a tutor, waitress,and ect.As for the plan of the future, well, i must say i got so many plans,cuz i think we are still young, and we can try everything till you find the most suitable and best one.
As for the experiment working with foreigner, i did have some experiment, selling products by phone or face to face.Besides, i will be work as an SLA in Australia next month, you knew that.And i wish that i will enjoy my stay there, since you told me something really good of the city.
Lastly, i really really glad to see you, and if possible,we also hope that we can give you a indelible memory during your stay in CHINA. Very Happy

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