Shaoguan, an unforgettable city

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Shaoguan, an unforgettable city

Post  Party Zhou on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:32 am

Shaoguan has become an important city for me except my hometown.  I would pay special attention to Shaoguan news.

However, I wasn't willing to come to Shaoguan in the first place. Fortunately, classmates and life here, very different from my former one, made me blend into this new big city quickly. I have the desire to visit many scene spots, taste the delicious food and make a lot of friends.

Besides, Shoaguan, far away from my hometown, gave me a good reason to go on self-guided tours and I really appreciated that. After I graduate, I would still want to go back to Shaoguan to take a look or vistit my teachers though the climate here is so annoying.

At last, I an gonna to say Shaoguan is a beautiful city where you can appreciate cherry blossoms, the snow scenes, many different huge mounts, featured foods and cheap movie tickets.
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