Where to find part-time work in Shaoguan?

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Where to find part-time work in Shaoguan?

Post  Alex on Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:20 am

Many students have asked me where they can find tutoring jobs in Shaoguan.  

Asking your relatives and teachers if they know anyone who needs a tutor.  It can often be the case that they haven't thought about using a tutor until you mention it.  This is China, use your social network to your advantage!  

If you have asked around and there are no bites, why not go online? One such website for finding tutoring jobs is http://www.shaoguanjiajiao.com/  It comes highly recommended.  

What about other jobs? Apart from asking directly in shops, restaurants  and other places that use a lot of part-time workers, it would pay to check out websites like 51job or sgjy169.com .  Often there is promotional work such as handing out flyers, being a model for wedding photos or an exhibition that gets advertised at short notice.  

As with being a tutor, it can often be beneficial to know the right person who knows about an upcoming job that wouldn't ever get posted online or in a newspaper.  Use your social network to your advantage afro

Do you have any other useful websites or resources for finding part-time jobs in Shaoguan? Please help and list them here.  flower

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