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Hello ~ I am Apple Deng. My Chinese name is Deng Mingxin.Nice to write here. My father give this name to me and he told me that he want me happy everyday. Of course i love my father forever. I am from Yunfu, one litte city of Guangzhou. My hometown don't have any thing famous, but I like it at all. Anyway,I like quite music. Beacuse when you listen it, you can forget any thing unhappy. By the way, I still love Japanese music, especially the music of Jpanese cartoons. They are very lovely in my view. So, maybe I will go travel to Japan in the future. For my future, I want be a civil servant in Zhaoqing. Because I think it is suitable for girl. Actually I prepare the exam about it. I will try my best to pass it and the I cna get the job more easily. That is all my introduction, thank you!
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