CCBC Presentations - Friday 19th September

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CCBC Presentations - Friday 19th September

Post  Alex on Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:53 pm

Task Description

Your task about is to present the business culture and etiquette of the foreign culture with your team members as stated below. The presentation should be a maximum of 10 minutes in total.  All members of the group are required to speak and present.  

Your foreign business culture and etiquette presentation should be designed for Chinese business people involved with business people of the country.  


Class A
India: Abby, Icy, Crystal, Tony
Nigeria: Summer, Grace, Rainbow, Wendy
Russia: Sally, Arie, Ceny, Yan
Canada: Emily, Ann, Asteria, Vanessa
Brasil: Vicky, Cindy, Kit, Mercy
Saudi Arabia: Jam, Grape, Tina, Camping, Alfred
Japan: Lulu, Needle, Fairy, Mikey

Class B
India: Jenny, Chase, Jokie, Shirley #2
Nigeria: Tom, Angel, Pan, Louisa
Russia: Jeff, Vivian, Niki, Carrie
Canada: Rita, Yenting, Tracy, Orange
Brasil: Cute, Silky, Josie, Rose
Saudi Arabia: Apple, Stephanie, Tramy, Jane
Japan: Cassie, Shirley #1, Stella, Elise
Singapore: Claire, Debbie, Cynthia

What to Include In Your Presentation

Please choose from the following range of topics.  Remember, you only have 10 minutes!

  1. Basic Outline to the Country including language, religious beliefs, industries, famous things etc.
  2. Gift Giving Etiquette
  3. Naming conventions
  4. Communication Style
  5. Introduction Customs and Customs When Meeting Someone
  6. Social Values such as hierachy, using left hand, eating meat etc.
  7. Meeting Management and Customs
  8. Business Dress and Clothing
  9. Negotiations
  10. Gender Values
  11. Social Taboos
  12. Personal Space
  13. Anything else you find relevant or interesting!

How to get a high score

Focus on demonstrating the following in your presentation:

  • Presentation Structure (tell them what you will tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them)
  • Be interesting and perhaps humorous!
  • Using examples (photos and body language) to illustrate your points
  • Eve contact and friendly
  • Engage the audience (ask a question, etc.)
  • Keep your talk to 10 minutes or so
  • Show you have practiced
  • Use the computer to show photos, not to show words.
  • The focus should be on the talker

Above all, please make it colourful and interesting.  My focus will be on your presentation skills, not the content so much.  Some of the score will be based on the group, some of the score based on the individual.

Useful Websites
go to and search for "YOUR CHOSEN  COUNTRY etiquette" and you can find many more websites, too!  You can see how many sites I found in just a couple of minutes about Nigeria in the Nigerian Business Culture and Eitquette Thread HERE

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