[CLOSED] Online Assessment 10 - Final Task

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[CLOSED] Online Assessment 10 - Final Task

Post  Alex on Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:26 am

Dear Cross-Cultural Business Communication Students,

This is your final task, so I will make it simple!

Task 10

Your task is to have a post count of at least 20.  In addition to the 9 other tasks that you have completed, you should post 11 items about any of the General Discussion Topics or the Learning English topic.  These are:

Talk about Shaoguan
Sport and Exercise
Technology and Internet
Anything Else!
Learning English

Please reply in this thread

Deadline: Wednesday, 24th September 2014  flower
After that day the task will be locked.  If you reply after that date, then you will get half marks.  Better than nothing!

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