my favourite sport swimming

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my favourite sport swimming

Post  asterinaMei on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:47 pm

I like swimming, I like water. I don't like sport activities, I don't like to move. Swimming is a good activity to keep fit. Swimming is the best thing in summer. I can get cool when swimming and make me fit well. In the 2012 London Olympics,I watched YangSun and ShiwenYe who come from China have got gold medals. IT was a big suprise in China,and  more and more peple will like swimming .Besides,swimming is my favorite hobby,and it's a good sport for me to get stronger.  I often go swimming, usually twice a week in summer. Of course, I have my favorite swimming athlete-he's Phelps. From swimming, I learn that the more we practice, the better we can do. My parents think swimming is a good hobby, and they encourage me to swim better.

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