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Post  Ann He on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:45 am

I would like to introduce you My favorite entertainment that is watching movies,I've seen a lot of movies and I always learn a lot from them.
A few days ago, I watched an amazing film produced by the director Steven Spielberg; this movie, “War Horse”, is getting much popularity in different cities around the world, including Guangzhou, do not be surprised, I have seen it twice.
I'm just a young girl, born in this city, I have never had experienced living with horses, or getting closed to any kind of violence like war, but to tell you the truth, I have been emotionally moved, while watching this movie, sometimes I was shocked, and that turned me to be excited in a few seconds, it is a beautiful and heartwarming movie.
There wasn't a lot of blood, but we could still feel the horror of war。“The war has taken everything from everyone”, this line appeared many times in the movie, we could see it in different forms, people suffered because of war, we could see how the war could change people’s lives, from happiness to sadness, we could see the real picture of war, not only on human being, but also on any living creature like horses. I learned a lot from this movie, now I understand that peace is the sweetest thing everyone can enjoy, and war is the worst, we should promote peace everywhere around the world so that people and animals could enjoy their life style on this wonderful planet.
If there aren’t any movies in this world, life would taste bitter, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any deep affection to things around me; with movies, I always learn how to be strong and a hardworking girl, then I can keep on following my dreams.
I love movies deeply in my heart. For me, seeing a movie you like is the best entertainment.
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