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Post  Icy on Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:40 am

how time flies! 3 years already.
i love my university, any corner of it is beautiful. i seldom take a walk in my lovely campus, just often stay and sit in my dorm. but these days, when i finish my lunch, i would like to take a walk around campus with Tina. the scenery of campus is always beautiful, many lovely trees , many birds singing on the trees, and flowers, lakes, buildings.... anything of these are adorable. when i realize the beauty of campus, i also realize that i am leaving, leaving from my lovely university. Crying or Very sad can i say i am sad ? yes, i do really sad about my leaving, when i realize i am no longer a student here, many feelings come across my mind...
this is truth, and i have no power to change the fact. but it's ok. even i graduate, i was still a student of this charming university, and if my time is available, i will come back and take a walk . Smile

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