experiences of Camping

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experiences of Camping

Post  Tina11106011025 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:10 am

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival we had a trip in depopulated zone for camping. This was the first time I went camping. The trip was amazing. But there were some incidents during the trip. It was a two day trip, in the first day, we reached Dabu town, but after we started climbing for about a hour, one of our members wore out her shoes which made hardly to keep going, so the whole team were divided into to groups. One group kept going, and the other stayed to fix the shoes issue. At last, when the first group reached the camping it was 6:30P.M., and the second group was about 7:30P.M.. Because it was too late after our finished eating, my dreaming campfire party became a dream.  And at that night a boy broke his leg when he went to find firewood. Especially, that night was extremely cold, and because lack of experiences we didn’t prepare enough clothes to keep warm, and we suffered a long night to waiting for the dawn.

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