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book that recently read

Post  Carrie Zhong 5B on Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:23 pm

it's quite interesting because the character of the book also called carrie, that's the reason i choose this book to read, Sister Carrie.the book is about Carrie(in the book!!) who came to a big city to realize her"American Dream" for the purpose of getting rid of poverty, kind of a vain person actually, and she is lucky, because there are two guys who influence her a lot, first is a salesman, drop her out of the poor situation, then a manager,take her to a big city,NEWYORK. its not a good ending actually, Carrie become a famous actor(through run out of the manager's money and her selfish when realize the manager can not be rich again). and the manager? betray his wife, away from his house, and his social circle, his reputation become nothing, and he become poorer and poorer in NewYork, till Carrie abandon him, and he end the life by suicide.
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