[PLEASE READ] Exam Questions

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[PLEASE READ] Exam Questions

Post  Alex on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:31 am

Please familiarise yourself with these topics in preparation for your exam!

1. Alibaba Listings
Please make yourself aware of the following listings, questions will be asked.

2. Explain a social taboo of one of the following cultures: Nigeria, Japan, India, Brasil.

3. Explain the payment term options and INCOTERMS and their abbreviations

4. Explain and give an example of different types of negotiations in the business world.

5. Using the example of a basketball or a book, describe the various stages of it's life.

6. Give some tips on negotiating.

7. Describe some examples of social customs or beliefs in China that may seem unusual to a foreigner.

8. Describe some examples of social customs or beliefs in the US that may seem unusual to Chinese.

9. Explain the difference between manners and etiquette.  Give an example.

10. What is diplomacy?

11. Why is it important to develop an understanding of cross-cultural communication?

12.  How will you use cross-cultural communication skills in the future?

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