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Post  Cindy Su on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:51 pm

My name is Cindy which was given as a present by my first English in primary school. I'm from Guangzhou which is know as a flower city.

I love eating, especially the food that my mother makes,and I think my mother is a really gook cook!

Speaking of talking to a foreigner for the first time,it's was 8 years ago when I was a middle school student. At that time I queued for my lunch in Macdonald's, I saw a foreigner come into the restaurant and standing after me. I was very excited at that time because I really want to talk to a foreigner to show my quality of oral English. I was pride at that time,anyway, I have fun then.

Now I am a senior student and I really want to have a try to have a job, because I want that feeling of independence.
Cindy Su

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