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tour in other cities

Post  emilycai on Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:32 am

Last Summer holiday, I toured five cities in East China. The first station is Suzhou. In there, I saw a lot of beautiful gardens. But because time is limited, I hadn't eat any Suzhou famous food at that time. the second station is Nanjing. I visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial and Museum, after visiting there,I felt very  depressed......... The third station is Wuxi, after touring there,I don't thing there has anything special. the fouth station is Hangzhou. I toured the West Lake and WuZhen town. these two places are both very beautiful, especially the Wuzhen town.It's a typical small town of south china. and the last station is the modern city-Shanghai. Its night views is so beautiful!!!and I went to the 88-storey of Jinmao Tower to see the Shanghao night view.

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