The Travel of Danxia Mountain

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The Travel of Danxia Mountain

Post  11106014010 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:59 pm

When I was a sophomore, I went to the famous Danxia Mountain with some junior good friends. It is one of the travels made me deep memories forever. I have been missing the time as it is the first one and the last one.
We reached the mountain in afternoon. After the took the taxi and found the hotel, we all were tired. But we still went to see the setting sun and made a video, took photos.
One of the famous scene of Danxia Mountain is the sunrise in Zhanglao Peak. In the next day before the dawn, we all got up and went to found the way to Zhanglao Peak. Unfortunately, we lost the way firstly and got wet in the shower rain. Finally, we reached at the peak. Although we didn't see the sunrise, we were happy in the travel.

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