My Impression of Shaoguan

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My Impression of Shaoguan

Post  11106014010 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:17 pm

In August 2011, I came to Shaoguan University. My first impression of Shaoguan began in Shaoguan University. The climate is very hot but the environment is good and people are nice. Therefore, I got well with the new life quickly.
My summer holiday is spent in a small villiage which is far from Shaoguan City centre. Different from centre, the villiage is remote and quite.
To my surprised, the winter in Shaoguan is very cool. This is the fourth year I stay in Shaoguan, but I still afraid of it. After spent more than three years in Shaoguan, I fell in love with this city. My youth is in here. My good friends are meeting in here.

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