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something about travel

Post  Summer Xia on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:30 pm

i have lived in many places such as jiangsu province, shanghai province, henan province and guangdong province. i even lived in more than one places in one province. i finished my study in 7 schools. as a result of that, i travel a lot whether i like it. the most memorable travels are when i visited the shanghai world expo in 2010 and the shanghai happy valley with my bf at age of 18, and when i visited some scene plots in jiangsu province with my parents at my early age. however, i did not think it made me very happy. probably, the reason is i did not understand the meaning of a travel correctly at my early ages and i just treated it as a job to finish. at present, i do not like to travel, because there is no comfortable person to travel with. i am so picky.
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