Well,im leonardio`s biggest fans :)

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Well,im leonardio`s biggest fans :)

Post  carlamoon on Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:46 am

hey!you all must have seen the movie Titanic,right?haha,yeah,the most handsome man in the world is jack,the actor,leonardio!im his fans,wow,such a charming movie star,how can i ignore?lol...ok,though he is 35 and fatter now,or not as handsome as before,he also catches our eyes:)and i think he is more wonderful than before when he goes older...XD...such a humorous ,polite,kind,and clever man,is not just a movie star,something beyond a famous star!ok,hey,have you seen his new film , Inception?well,dont tell me you haven`t...XD

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