MOVIE: Weekend at Bernie's

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MOVIE: Weekend at Bernie's

Post  Alex on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:42 pm

The 1980s was an awesome time for music and movies so I thought I would take the time to introduce some movies that I grew up on! The first one I want to show you is called "Weekend at Bernie's"
Weekend at Bernie's
Weekend at Bernie's is a 1989 movie starring Jonathon Silverman and Andrew McCarthy as a couple of New York insurance executives trying to get ahead in their careers. One on charm, the other on hard work. When they go to the president of theor company, called Bernie with a serious financial error that they have discovered, Bernie pretends to be happy about their findings and invites them to his beach house for the weekend. Bernie is actually stealing money from the company and plans to have the two workers killed. Bernie unfortunately upsets his criminal partners and gets killed at the beach house. The boys thinking they will be attacked as well, pretend Bernie is still alive as the frustrated killer tries again and again to kill an already dead Bernie.

A great movie! They actually made a sequel to this movie, even though Bernie is dead and stars in it! Laughing

I will put the words up sometime soon, because there are no subtitles on this movie tongue

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Re: MOVIE: Weekend at Bernie's

Post  Even on Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:10 pm

if time permitted, i will see the movie

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