My first visit to Shaoguan Medical School

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My first visit to Shaoguan Medical School

Post  shadow.xiao on Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:02 pm

i have a very good friend who is studying at Shaoguan Medical School and Guo Nianhua,another good friend of mine who is studying at Shaoguan normal college,and i visited her today, which shocked me so much. when we got there, she gave us warmly welcome and took us around the schoolyard. what shocks me so much is her hardworking and the enthusiasm at her studying. as a college student, i think she will not have any regret about her college life. well, you may think she is a student who just spend her time in learning sth from the textbook,if so, of course you are wrong. every body knows a college student should not only learn the useful things from books but also from our daily life! bounce
she said studying at the School-based department as a undergraduate is her goal at present and she is trying her best to achieve this.
how about you?
what is your present goal?
have you do sth for it ?

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