the first host competition of foreign language department

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the first host competition of foreign language department

Post  Manty on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:10 am

on Nov, 2nd night, our department held the first host competition in the Lican activities building. i was busy that night because i have a performance--dancing, what's more, i should taught the freshmen how to handle the music and sound in a party. i was nervous all that night for i afraid the freshmen would make big mistakes. thanks god, everything was well till the party end. all of them--the freshmen and me were so happy because we succeed in holding a party.
my roommates--winnie and irene were the competitors of that competition. how pretty is that, winnie's partner--wangyong, i don't want to talk about him, but he is a very very bad guy who made winnie couldn't passed the second part of the game and lost it. but there's still a happy thing--irene, won the competition and gained the second place. cheers

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