Winter of My Hometown

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Winter of My Hometown

Post  IVY(3) on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:18 am

Maybe you know that i come from the northern of China. It is not special, isn't it? Yes, of course. But the real special thing i want to talk about is the winter in my hometown. bounce I couldn't recall of some things that are extremely funny! The first of all is snow. Snow only can be seen in the winter and only the northern of China has snow. So people in the southern may not have ever seen the really snow. Luckily, i can. Every winter, when snow comes, i feel as happy as all the children. Beacuse snow means laughing! I can paly snowmen, snowball fights, skating and skiing. So many funny things. Have you ever tried? Do you want to have a try? Then, come to the northern and welcome to my hometown!

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