My first time to play snooker

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My first time to play snooker

Post  Lexus on Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:47 pm

Last Sunday, I went to a pool hall to play snooker in the Walking street after teaching two kids.

Actually,there has to be one competitor with me if I want to play and have more fun Very Happy . Then I will say the boss will be a good choice Wink . Therfore,I played with him for several games Arrow .

As a matter of fact,it was my first time to play snooker Rolling Eyes . However,I thought I was able to beat the boss Wink because I have my own experience of playing pool and know the rules of how to play. To my indignation Evil or Very Mad , I came to realize how silly thought I had before the game tongue tongue . That the truth was I failed to beat the boss made me feel Mad ashamed of myself Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed . ( But I did beat him for several times when playing pool with him after playing snooker.) Then I said to myself “Do not be so sure about yourself !Never again!” Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Therefore,I want to draw a conclusion for myself. “Maybe you are kinda good at playing pool but you may not be that good at playing snooker!Keep in mind!”

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